Animations for instagram REELS

I was delighted when asked to create a social media campaign for Alitex Greenhouses, for December 2020.

The brief was to ‘Spread Joy’.  We discussed many ‘stop motion animation’ ideas based on a Christmas theme to Spread Joy.
Being in lockdown, I had to use what I had around me, luckily I have a studio full of props and the studio space to work on the projects.
Using materials I had at hand, I created five different stop motions to Spread Joy:
1) Creative craft –  reindeer decorations from walnuts and twigs
2) Nutcracker  – Gift box idea
3) Dancing paper reindeer
4) The ever filling mince pie plate
5) Christmas tipple glasses
The end results were produced as REELS for Instagram, so they were all shot in portrait, I also created the ‘Spread Joy’ graphic for the client in a funky fair ground typeface.
 Click on the PLAY  buttons to watch them.

15th January 2021


Animation, Social Media, Stop Motion