Atkinson Farm

Atkinsons are farmers in East Meon, they grow wheat, barley and oats and have a fantastic herd of south downs sheep.


To produce a logo so create awareness locally of their farm and good practise in the area, they want people to know they are sustainable farmers looking after the countryside.


Nick and Vanessa welcomed me into there farm office in East Meon, showed me sketches and ideas of what they wanted and we worked together from these. The main challenge was to condense their ideas into a logo that would work large on vehicles and small as an embroidered badge on clothing, and or course all things in between, signage invoices etc.


I created 4 different designs for Nick and Vanessa to choose from, with a range of colour palettes and ideas, shown on the left. The chosen logo is shown at the top of the page, it illustrates the distinctive stocky south downs sheep and the different arable seeds from the crops they grow and harvest.



Nick and Vanessa were delighted with the outcome, their first job is to copy right the logo so no one can copy it.


31st March 2022


Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Stationery