Buriton Heritage Bank

Buriton’s local history project was first launched in 2001 to gather information, preserve, share and record this wonderful local history and bring it back to life. With the rise of new technology and the internet, our knowledge of life in Buriton and its rich history has only increased over the years. They/we thought it was time give the Buriton Heritage website a new, fresh and innovative look.


We were asked to work with and update the website that had previously been mainly text. We were asked to create a new, interesting and attractive website that would really allow this history to come alive.

Inspiration and Approach

Inspired by the team that led the heritage bank, with their enthusiasm for history and record keeping, we wanted to create an attractive user-friendly website.

Through using the wonderful collections of historical photos, we created attractive collages for the header, using a textured paper background and adding a dot texture to the solid blue to soften the feel of the website. To add to this, we used a mixture of classic and handwritten fonts to add a bygone feel that was easily readable. We also recreated the duck logo into a circle to make it fit into the top navigation bar. Amongst other technical approaches, a grid with the photos and text alternate to break up the large amounts of copy was also added to make it easy for the viewer to read.


This new and refreshed website is already attracting comments and more information and photographs to add to the archives from near and far.


See the website here

Post Written by Summer Black

13th September 2020