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The Feder8tion team invite you ‘to play’.


Feder8tion approached me for a a logo and robot mascot  for their on line gaming website


Lots of fun creating this logo and robot character, I knew he would need to have lots of moves so wanted to him to look cool in whatever he was going to do, cheering you on and maybe a little dance for fun!


My ideas came from London nightlife where I had worked in the early nineties and my experience working as a designer on a sports channel in the late nineties the red robot looks great popping out of the black background, he has some pink tones to give him some depth and warmth.



A retro look that appeals to the younger generation, getting the red robot to lip sync was so much fun. I’ve really enjoyed working on this creative brief.



31st March 2022


Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration