Lone Barn

More than just a place to stay.

Mel and Paul run Lone Barn, its more than just a barn. Mel is an amazing host for their bed and breakfast and holiday cottage, and Paul is always inventing new ideas  and making amazing things out of wood. They run a “pop up coffee stop” and organise rural retreats and workshops throughout the year. I’ve recently helped them design some postcards using Alex Prewet’s wonderful illustrations which were commissioned especially and some graphics for posters and social media. I have also created two short films for them one features the bed and breakfast at Lone Barn and the other a  a morning at one of their ‘pop up coffee stop’. All these projects have been a delight to work on. Lone Barn is really a wonderful place to be. I got to eat the scones and cake from the shoot too, Yummy!

Client comments

Absolute pleasure working with you we are looking forward to promoting our business using your films. All the best thanks again, we will be back!”


13th July 2019


Films, Flyers, Posters, Social Media