McMillen Art branding & website

Through McMillen Art, artists Nick and Mollie showcase their work, combining traditional techniques and ancient crafts with contemporary design and modern thinking. Their unique weaves and fine art celebrate the natural world.


Nick and Mollie are both accomplished artists and have an existing business together, the Field Farm Project, an outdoor learning centre teaching bow making, basketry, bushcraft skills, horticulture and farm life. McMillen Art was created to showcase their fine art and weaves. As a new business, I was tasked with creating a brand identity including logos and colours, as well as website design.


Nick and Mollie were my inspiration – two artists who live and breathe their skills. The website and brand needed to be about them and the natural woodland environment in which they live and work. Nick wanted a vibe around the ‘Old Curiosity Shop’ with an outdoor influence. Think of field study, journals, sketch books, plants and drawing materials.


Whilst the primary purpose of the website is  to showcase and sell the art, I wanted to be able to tell their story; how they met, their love of the work they do and how their art and weave is created. It was apparent that photography was going to be at the heart of the website design. They found photographer Heather Chuter who captured their art and the essence of their lives together. In my iterations of the logo and brand, I wanted to incorporate colours and a style that reflected a life amongst trees and nature as well as bring in the Old Curiosity shop vibe. The logo font I chose had an old world feel to it, whilst the website font is reminiscent of typewriters.


The combination of the stunning images captured by Heather, with the logo, colours and font on the website, act as the perfect showcase for Nick and Mollies art and weave. You can see their work here.

Client feedback

“We are so happy with the work you did for us Cris. You captured the exact look and feel we were after. Many thanks”


3rd February 2023


Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Website