Cris Black Graphic designer

Show my World

I am Cris, a graphic designer, animator, film maker, and  photographer. 

What excites me most about my work is new projects and clients,  and what I can create for them, although my work is mainly computer based -pixel pushing, I like to start a project creatively with a mood board, cutting and pasting into my sketchbook.

I love to take inspiration from things around me like books, magazines, posters and photographs. 

I surround myself with things I love, and always pay attention to what excites me such as colourful, bright images which intrigue and bring me joy.  I love all kinds of design, typography, styling, collage and am draw to anything tactile or textured.

I love the feeling of creating and I am excited by colours, textures and always looking for new exciting inspiration. 


Being a graphic designer, you get to find out about your clients worlds which is the best!  As no day is the same, I’m always learning something new.

These films are an insight to what goes on in my studio, one day I can be creating a storyboard and ideas for a short film, the next brochure design or  logo design.


10th February 2023


Films, Graphic Design