Clothkits is owned and run by the amazing Kay Mawer. The company was originally founded in 1968 by designer Anne Kennedy. Kay brought the Clothkits iconic brand back to life in 2008, so it has been with great excitement that they invited me to work with them.


To produce a stop motion animation, to eject some fun into there business


Well where do I start, I love the shop, the brand, the people at Clothkits. A dream job come true for me, I was in my element, discussing what I would create for them. A shop full of amazing products to animate.


We discussed their brand colours and how the animation would work on their new website, currently being built. First I worked on ideas, then we agreedĀ  on a yellow background, and then the scissors, kits, threads and buttons came to life, havingĀ  a life of their own escaping form the sewing box. ending with them being put back in the sewing box where they belong.



I worked with Anna and Kays direction to create the fun stop motion animation.


31st December 2022