The Resonance Coach

The Resonance coach provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Building, Business Consulting, Management Consulting, Public Speaking, and Corporate Training. Based just outside Haslemere, it was founded by Cassanadra Rix who has  built her career in frontline service and leadership, evolving  unique coaching approach. Her conversational skillset holds the mirror up for you, lets you see your own story and beliefs, and offers an opportunity to learn and evolve to achieve your full potential as an individual and part of any team.



Cassandra  needed a new brand for her business in the healthcare sector, to include stationery, website and social media.


Meeting Cassandra was very inspirational for me, she is an amazing public speaker and has an incredible ‘win, win’ attitude.


I wanted the graphics to represent Cassanadra, her character fills the room with warmth and resonance, so I wanted the graphics to reflect this.


Bold sound waves graphics with a clean no nonsense typeface



9th December 2022


Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Social Media, Stationery